VIRTUS Data Centres: Transforming Businesses through Agile Colocation Services

VIRTUS Data Centres: Transforming Businesses through Agile Colocation Services

Darren Watkins, Managing Director, VIRTUS Data CentresDarren Watkins, Managing Director
Fueled by enterprises increasingly abandoning traditional in-house facilities and making the transition to the cloud, data centers around the world are expanding their geographical footprint.

When it comes to adopting the cloud, CIOs often face the difficult balancing act of allocating the right amount of private and public cloud space. The challenge is in predicting the business’ future demands and accordingly choosing between the scalability of public cloud, and the security and performance of private cloud. Helping to address these challenges, VIRTUS Data Centres offers 3D Flexibility, which allows customers to scale their solution up or down at any point of time in their contract. “We allow our customers to see their capacity usage in real-time via our VIRTUS Intelligent Portal (VIP) and reduce their commitment to us through flexible contracting,” explains Darren Watkins, Managing Director, VIRTUS.

VIP provides a visual insight into the underlying infrastructure of the enterprise through its Graphical User Interface (GUI). Customers therefore gain complete visibility, and therefore total transparency of their data center infrastructure, power management system, building management system, SalesForce, Sage, and ticketing platforms. By combining the functionality of VIP with the flexibility of the 3D Flex contracts, VIRTUS is ensuring that its customers have access to best-of-breed solutions that fit their specific IT requirements.

Identifying clear communication as the key to running an efficient and comprehensive colocation solution, the London-based VIRTUS has worked towards connecting the disparate platforms of date center infrastructures. “We have built an interconnect platform between our sites so that we can offer ‘cross connects’ from one location to another for Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery solutions,” explains Watkins.

Additionally, deploying powerful cooling systems for data centers has earned VIRTUS its ‘Uptime Institute Tier III’ accreditation.

With VIP, customers gain complete visibility and total transparency of the data center infrastructure management, power management system, building management system, SalesForce, Sage, and ticketing platforms

Their design ensures that the whole room is maintained at low temperatures and a positive pressure. “Incorporating this technology in an intelligent design model that utilizes the flooded room principle to avoid air flow restrictions allows our data centers to supply economical and productive cooling,” adds Watkins. “This enables VIRTUS to deliver ultra-high density solutions, which accounts for direct cost savings for our customers.”

Demonstrating the merits of VIRTUS’ offering is their widely broadened customer portfolio. One example was when a large European financial institution had proposals for a colocation deployment in the EMEA region, with London and Frankfurt—the leading colocation markets in Europe—being their desired choices. Despite Frankfurt provider being closer in proximity, the financial institution selected VIRTUS due to the relatively cheaper cost of power in London, and for its air-cooling technology, which promised higher efficiency at a much lower cost of service.

With the market often being introduced to new enterprise network providers, VIRTUS continues to differentiate itself by providing customer-friendly services with its broad connectivity offerings and flexible solutions. Also, proving its sustainability is the fact that VIRTUS invests significantly in making its systems outperform the capacity by feeding a power supply of 3MW at all times.

With limited availability of properties to build on in the UK, VIRTUS is venturing into purchasing existing assets that have bigger shell and core capacity. “With a desire to serve more globally, we are looking at self-generating power solutions further down the lane and the future looks very exciting,” states Watkins.