ScienceLogic: IT Monitoring Platform for the Internet of Everything

David Link, CEO & Co-Founder, ScienceLogicDavid Link, CEO & Co-Founder
By 2003, David Link, CEO and Co-founder of ScienceLogic had amassed considerable experience in the IT industry. There still appeared a significant void this experience couldn’t fill—a constant handicap of having to work with grossly limited technology and the tools or applications thereof. A strong intent to deliver high service quality fell short of the eventuality. The time was ripe for a change which came in the form of ScienceLogic. “The industry, for a long time, built point solutions to manage a particular silo of technology rather than a bunch of versatile technology suites. We couldn’t agree with this ideology anymore and it turns out, we were right,” begins Link. Today, ScienceLogic delivers an IT monitoring platform for the Internet of everything. Over 20,000 global service providers, enterprises, and government organizations rely on ScienceLogic to significantly enhance their IT operations on a daily basis.

Shifting focus to Data-center networking, ScienceLogic provides expertise in the hybrid IT infrastructure—with immense in-house legacy storage experience and gaining momentum with the cloud over the last five years. “Companies must aggregate systems from a variety of locations and operate them simultaneously. ScienceLogic aids clients manage their legacy infrastructure as well as the transient new cloud infrastructure seamlessly. We deliver a combined vision through a single-platform management portal,” asserts Link.

The private and public cloud combined with legacy on-premises infrastructures makes it immensely challenging for IT to monitor the performance of their workloads. “The flexibility of the ScienceLogic platform architecture empowers us to cater to any requirement of our customers while offering low maintenance costs which directly reduce operational costs,” assures Link. From Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to private cloud monitoring, ScienceLogic delivers comprehensive monitoring for the client’s servers, storage, and networks in the public and private cloud.

The flexibility of the ScienceLogic platform architecture empowers us to cater to any requirement of our customers while offering low maintenance costs which directly reduce operational costs

The company delivers total visibility to the client’s on-premise infrastructure with extensive device support ranging over 1,500 PowerApps. Businesses can monitor their physical infrastructure through network, storage and application monitoring to server and OS along with video conferencing monitoring.

Kellogg, a Fortune 500 cereal company, was spending over 10 million dollars for re-tooling their existing monitoring solution to meet operational needs and lacked a comprehensive monitoring support for their hybrid IT environment. “I did an analysis of 25 distinct vendors comparing 100 different capabilities and 100 separate security concerns,” says Brian Amaro, Senior Architect Infrastructure Analytics for Kellogg. “The current tool and the budget we had to work with was not going to fix the monitoring conundrum we were facing.” The ScienceLogic platform has successfully provided separate dashboards to individual contributors, reducing costs, proactively alert incoming potential problems, and significantly cut the time it took to perform root cause detection. As a result, Kellogg was able to dramatically increase the monitoring coverage of both their legacy and public cloud-based infrastructures, while also cutting costs by over two million dollars across a five-year period.

ScienceLogic will continue to team up with its technology partners from Cisco and Amazon to VMware, for advancement of their product to manage technologies in a highly differentiated way. The company aspires to be a leader in software-defined network management extending to hybrid cloud, private cloud and storage management along with advancing its work on SAP and Microsoft application management. “Clients, technology partners, and ScienceLogic work together as a team. We are a customer-centric organization and always will be,” concludes Link.