Nlyte Software: Boosting the Efficiency of Data Centers

Nlyte Software: Boosting the Efficiency of Data Centers

Doug Sabella, President & CEO, Nlyte SoftwareDoug Sabella, President & CEO
The cornerstone of Nlyte was laid by data center managers, who were looking for an enhanced method to manage the complexity of the data center resources. With a limited set of applications that were in use, data center managers knew that spreadsheets, Visio and CAD drawings were responses to a strategic problem that did not address the mission critical nature of computing. “Our mission is solely focused on enabling our customers to use our software to smartly manage, deploy, and operate their data centers at world class levels,” avers Doug Sabella, President and CEO, Nlyte Software. As the evolution of technologies began to brew, Nlyte delivered the industry’s benchmark for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), which paved way to the next evolution of their state-of-the-art data center solution—Data Center Service Management (DCSM).

The DCIM solution from Nylte assists data centers make the best use of the physical resources that are available for the seamless integration of the data center into the enterprise’s other business management solutions. Unlike DCIM, the DCSM solution not only manages infrastructure but also empowers data center personnel to perform their job functions efficaciously. This eighth generation product from Nylte bolsters IT Service Management (ITSM) with new information by enforcing best practices to gain a greater control of the change process in an organizations’ data center.

Working in parallel, the Nlyte software platform, which integrates BI into its central repository, enables customers to plan, track, and maintain all of the mission-critical aspects of a data center. “Our platform includes resources such as cooling, power, and network combined with the three S’s of space, servers, and storage,” posits Sabella.

We strive to make customers’ lives easier, whether doing new projects or just maintaining an existing data center

The platform also diminishes the time to deploy new assets by up to 50 percent, prolonging data center life by 75 percent and helping attain Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating of 2.0 or less. This in turn enables organizations to translate their strategies into plan, monitor, execute to provide the required insights to improve financial and operational performance. Additionally, Nlyte suite offers a comprehensive view of all data center assets, supports automation for Move, Add and Change (MAC) management, and helps visualize the entire data center infrastructure in real-time. “We strive to make customers’ lives easier, whether doing new projects or just maintaining an existing data center,” says Sabella.

As an illustration of this expertise, Nylte assisted Walgreens, one of the largest drug retail chain, change their homegrown database, stored data in spreadsheets and deal with obtaining metrics beyond the basics. The database was mostly used by the operations team to locate assets but was difficult to manage, and became increasingly challenging to collect data on SLAs and MACs in a timely manner. With the use of Nylte Enterprise, Walgreens was able to gather their asset information all in one place, on an easy-to-read dashboard. Walgreens’ asset data was loaded instantly, giving the management the ability to see where the enhancements have been made to conserve space and energy, and use capacity to its fullest. At the end of the day, Walgreens was able to deploy new assets with added speed and confidence.

Nylte has its ear pinned fervently to the emerging trends and the technologies that will allow organizations to nestle in the spectacle of automated development of data center application paradigms. The CEO concludes on a positive note, “Nylte will continue to enhance its existing functionality and introduce new products, while providing more granular visibility into data center operations.”