Hillstone Networks: Accelerated Performance with Enhanced Network Security

Hillstone Networks: Accelerated Performance with Enhanced Network Security

Data is the new fuel for organizations to gain knowledge about the latest trends and customer preferences, while maintaining operational efficiency. Its value to the enterprise necessitates a strong data center firewall to keep the sensitive information secure from intruders. But with rising data traffic, the need for high-speed network interfaces and high port densities is critical for firewalls to provide high throughput and large number of concurrent and new sessions per second. Hillstone Networks, a provider of enterprise network firewall solutions, delivers X7180 DC firewall for service providers of high-speed networks, large enterprises, and carrier networks. The company delivers flexible firewall security for multi-tenant cloud-based Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) environments.

The X7180 firewall is built on Hillstone’s Elastic Security Architecture (ESA) which offers highly scalable virtual firewalls with wire-speed performance of up to 360 Gbps, 120 million concurrent sessions, and 2.4 million new sessions per second. It can support up to 1000 virtual firewalls and be provisioned as an on-demand service option complete with Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Service providers can dynamically adjust resource allocation—CPU, sessions, policies, and ports—for each virtual firewall in response to SLAs. Hillstone’s X7180 hardware is composed of multiple security and networking blades that provide scalability for future growth. X7180 also supports Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and next generation application control. The system delivers exceptional performance in a small form factor with low power requirements.

A robust hardware combined with an efficient Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is necessary to exclude the physical boundaries of a data center. Hillstone leverages cloud technology and provides a Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) on the Hillstone X-series DC Firewall by using the Neutron virtual network component of the OpenStack platform. The component helps cloud service providers build FWaaS services into their data center.

Our goal is to deliver a truly revolutionary product that will change the landscape of network security.

Additionally, the company offers CloudHive—a micro-segmentation solution for virtualized data centers, and CloudEdge—a virtual next-gen firewall. The micro-segmentation secures each Virtual Machine (VM) in the cloud and provides complete visibility of traffic with superior protection to stop lateral attacks between VMs.
To protect their clients from the latest threats, Hillstone invests in research of advanced mechanisms of threats and analysis capabilities. “We continue to innovate while we execute on our product roadmap,” says Dongping Luo, CEO and Co-Founder, Hillstone Networks.

With efficient services on reliable hardware, Hillstone meets customers’ expectations and helps them overcome challenges around data center. For instance, Garratt-Callahan, a provider of water treatment services, was unable to deliver the required level of service during the company’s growth phase. The client’s decision to deploy Voice over IP (VoIP) with a supporting mobile application deteriorated its network performance. Hillstone performed a proof of concept of its Next Gen Firewall to enhance network and application performance. “Our business was growing, but our IT budget and resources were constrained. With the Hillstone Next-Generation Firewall, we were able to implement a cost-effective solution that resolved Quality of Service (QoS) issues and dramatically increased employee productivity—allowing us to focus on delivering excellent customer service,” says Jeffrey Garratt, President, Garratt-Callahan.

Forging ahead, Hillstone plans to deliver innovative solutions to improve network security without compromising performance. In addition to reducing security risks and preventing business damage, the company works closely with trusted industry partners to offer cost-efficient, world-class security solutions that work seamlessly in today’s enterprise environments. “Our goal is to deliver a truly revolutionary product that will change the landscape of network security and further enhance and solidify our market position,” concludes Luo