Digital Realty: Smarter Data Center Services to Do Better Business

A. William Stein, CEO, Digital RealtyA. William Stein, CEO
In a constantly changing business environment, one must be able to access enterprise data from anywhere, anytime, through the right platform. To achieve advanced data center strategies today, companies are looking for global connectivity solutions and services. Based in San Francisco, CA, Digital Realty provides the combination of a data center ecosystem business with a colocation services provider in a seamless, interconnected global network. They offer customers increased ease of doing business and improved focus on key growth objectives.

The company has various solutions like Connect@Scale Data Center Suites that comprises of a comprehensive selection of service providers, power configurations, and connectivity options. It provides connectivity to user base by connecting them to the cloud and their critical partners via network-dense and open platform. Connect@ Gateway locations are colocation data centers at Internet or cloud gateways that deliver a reliable, network-dense connectivity with a comprehensive list of carriers, content companies and cloud service providers. Additionally, EnVision, the company’s information monitoring data management platform, deployed on a high-availability network architecture, allows clients to have better visibility into their data center operations while providing access to standard and customized reports.

Digital Realty has the capability to combine service delivery, network-dense interconnection, and financial strength to create unique power of choice and value when and where the customers need it. It enables customers choose their preferred service provider maximizing their ease of doing business and increasing value with Digital Realty’s global partner network. The firm is building and connecting communities of interest around customers businesses to build value and accelerate their growth.

We are uniquely positioned to provide a complete range of data center solutions on a global scale that best fit our customers’ needs

They seamlessly connect to the Cloud and their critical partners on the open digital platform.

Nowadays cloud providers are offering effective connectivity, effective pricing, effective management, updates of business applications and etcetera. Digital Realty offers them a portfolio of world’s leading cloud providers within their data centers. It is home to top five cloud providers, the top three social media providers and nine of the top 15 investment banks. They have a proven ability and a proven foundation to help customers with their needs. With over 140 properties in 32 global markets, Digital Realty is uniquely positioned to provide a complete range of data center solutions on a global scale that best fit the customer’s needs through their unique global campus environment, open solutions, global partner network and vibrant business ecosystems.

Smule is a music-making app provider that required a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective back-end solution to its fast growing community of users. Digital Realty addressed this problem by expanding their data center presence at lightning speed, broadened connectivity choices, and utilized virtual dark fiber network-connect data centers for reliable high speed and high volume data transfers. This dramatically reduced the data center costs of Smule.

The future will witness growth of IT and data centers like never before as robots taking jobs, driverless cars, and driverless trucks otherwise called as software-driven data hubs. The different initiatives happening within the IT industry is affecting business and making them competitive. As this grows, data center becomes the heart of IT transformation. Digital Realty is removing limits to such global businesses by offering customers increased ease of doing business and improved focus on key growth objectives.