Cologix: Delivering Future-Proofed Enterprise Data Center Infrastructure

Cologix: Delivering Future-Proofed Enterprise Data Center Infrastructure

CIO VendorGraham Williams, COO
The enterprise data center market is undergoing rapid change and growth, driven by trends like cloud, big data and virtualization. As a result, “the methods of managing data have evolved, whereby enterprises are looking to outsource infrastructure management and leverage colocation in locations that maximize their reach to as-a-service providers,” states Graham Williams, COO, Cologix. As enterprises create a data center strategy to generate flexibility and scalability, Cologix provides a unique data center footprint featuring a robust ecosystem of service providers, backed by exceptional service and unrivaled expertise.

Cologix provides scalable interconnection and reliable colocation services in 24 densely connected data centers that cater to enterprises in and around Columbus, Dallas, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Minneapolis, Montreal, New Jersey, Toronto and Vancouver. Cologix matches unique enterprise requirements with specific solutions for space, power, cooling and security with neutral, direct access to a menu of best-in-breed network and cloud providers. “Our platform enables a range of power densities, efficiencies and maximum-reliability infrastructures by leveraging redundant solutions that are unique to each market, data center and customer,” assures Williams. Cologix’s facilities are monitored and secured 24/7 with layered access controls, access record retention and CCTV, among other security features. Cologix removes overhead cost from customer P&Ls by monitoring all infrastructure health via its innovative Cologix Command dashboard, which is leveraged in real time by its 24/7/365 Cologix Live Support team and engineers throughout North America.

Cologix’s interconnection platform provides a focal point for communities of service providers and service buyers to transact business, which brings global marketplaces to local businesses and consumers. “We connect the diverse customer base in our data centers to each other via physical fiber or coaxial cross connects, and are also increasingly connecting enterprises to public cloud providers via virtual switch fabrics,” says Williams. Cologix's Meet-Me- Rooms provide access to +450 networks, while customers also have direct, secure access to +200 cloud providers.

Our colocation platform enables a range of power densities, efficiencies and maximum-reliability infrastructures by leveraging redundant solutions that are unique to each market, data center and customer

Cologix’s Cloud Connect platform is a streamlined source to access the widest selection of cloud services between public, private and hybrid models as well as vendor choice within each model. Furthermore, Metro Connect services are offered to connect IT deployments across Cologix data centers within the same market.

“We also have cloud and managed infrastructure services that provide a bridge for enterprises to fill gaps in their overall IT strategy,” affirms Williams. These solutions move the burden of accountability for tactical elements of enterprise IT to Cologix to allow customers to focus on core business initiatives and strategic IT roadmaps.

Cologix offers direct access to its local operations teams, which results in strong partnerships backed by industry-leading operational support and superior customer service. For instance, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, an international accounting and consulting firm, opted to transition its on-premise, critical IT infrastructure to Cologix to support its 2,400 employees. Through a Cologix partnership, RCGT can focus on its business and no longer worry about the physical aspects of an IT deployment. The company gained future-proofing opportunities through seamless network and cloud choice; knowledgeable, 24/7 technical support; and fully-redundant, premium colocation space that negates downtime risk and allows the company to prepare for the changing technology market.

Cologix will continue its focus on Tier 2 markets to provide connectivity and infrastructure at the growing edge of the Internet to facilitate optimized network performance and cost benefits for enterprises of all sizes. “It’s important to us to bring enterprises in markets like Minneapolis, Columbus, Montreal and Vancouver the data center and cloud options that, until recently, had been reserved for companies in New York or San Francisco,” concludes Williams.