Archimedes Controls: 3D Visualizations for Data Center Management

Archimedes Controls: 3D Visualizations for Data Center Management

Wenli Yu, CEO, Archimedes ControlsWenli Yu, CEO
Over the past years, the rapid growth of Data Centers have resulted in challenges like downtime prevention and managing the operating cost for both operators as well as customers. According to Wenli Yu, CEO, Archimedes Controls, “throughout the existence of the data centers, there has been a high amount of focus on computer servers, networking systems, as well as the actual software on these servers. I believe that there will be more mega data centers and you will see an increasing amount of focus shift to the overall efficiency of the data center and the total cost of ownership. Even now, considerations other than software, servers, and networking are quickly becoming more important to the owners, operators, and constructors. I think that is especially where solutions like Archimedes provide tremendous value.”

Based out of Palo Alto, CA, Archimedes Controls grabbed the opportunity and worked closely with customers to develop ground-breaking solutions for helping both operators and colocation customers thwart challenges in data center construction and operations management. The firm offers solutions that enable increased reliability, profitability, and security in data center facilities. “Our solution integrates the functions of IT and facilities management and provides a closed-loop system to help solve the downtime, asset, and energy management issues,” adds Jumie Yuventi, BDM, Archimedes Controls.

The firm’s flagship product Archimedes A150 is a plug-n-play system consisting of low power wireless sensor network (LPWAN)-based hardware and cloud-based user-friendly software that collectively monitors and controls data center environments. It provides precise temperature, humidity, and air velocity measurement for all IT and network equipment at the finest granularity. The A150 comes with a centralized real-time environment surveillance system that allows visualization of the complete information about the data center using 3D graph, charts, and tables. The suite’s intuitive dashboard allows administrators to monitor and analyze a data center from anywhere. In addition, the auto control and alert features of the system conveniently notify users about any threats to the data center. Archimedes A150 also facilitates accurate identification of hotspots, over-cooling, and other abnormalities—enabling early warning, error diagnosis, and predictive analysis while suggesting corrective actions.
Jumie Yuventi, BDM, Archimedes ControlsJumie Yuventi, BDM
The Intelligent environment conditioning (AC, etc.) control mechanisms minimize energy consumption, resulting in reduced operational cost and better ROI.

Archimedes Control’s solutions stand out from the competition with its wireless sensors utilizing the IoT technology. The system offers complete redundancy with its fully meshed wireless communication network. “Our solution is 100 percent wireless, providing real-time information and a 10-year lifetime. Installation is as easy resting small palm-sized devices on the racks with a strap or the built-in magnet. This can be done while the racks are running resulting in zero downtime or risk of complications,” adds Yu.

Our solution is 100 percent wireless, providing real-time information and a guaranteed 10 year lifetime

Since its inception, Archimedes Control has been assisting various organizations achieve their business goals. Yu recalls few instances where the firm offered strategic solutions for clients. “We helped reduce a client’s data center energy usage by 24 percent. In another instance, we provided one of our customers a cloud-based security monitoring to reduce its server downtime when administrators were not on-site.”

Archimedes Controls has invested in the development of IoT and cloud technologies specifically to provide innovative solutions to data center customers. “Archimedes Controls will continue to win customers and expand its market presence. We will leverage our IoT and data center expertise and continue to expand our product and service offerings to help IT professionals manage data centers efficiently,” concludes Yu.