A10 Networks [NYSE:ATEN]: Integrating Application Delivery Controllers to Accelerate...

A10 Networks [NYSE:ATEN]: Integrating Application Delivery Controllers to Accelerate Performance

CIO VendorLee Chen, Founder & CEO
With new and improved virtualization and cloud computing data center technologies, users are accessing data from multiple devices. As wireless and smartphones are gaining momentum in the IT landscape, companies need advanced data center solutions to manage the enormous amount of data, deriving actionable insights and value. A10 Networks [NYSE:ATEN] meets the business requirements to keep data centers efficient and safe by maintaining availability of applications, scaling existing infrastructure, consolidating resources and staff requirements as well as keeping networks secure calls. Headquartered in San Jose, CA, the company is offering networking solutions that help organizations ensure that their data center applications and networks remain highly available, accelerated, and secure. “We are committed to excellence through building innovative products, delivered with the highest quality service and support,” begins Lee Chen, Founder and CEO, A10 Networks.

A10 Networks’ application networking feature set encompasses the Thunder Series and original AX Series Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) built on the Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS). “We provide products that help organizations accelerate, optimize, and secure their applications,” says Chen. The Thunder Series platforms are hardware and software ADCs that provide Unified Application Service Gateway (UASG) functionality to meet the deployment needs of customer by consolidating solution modules for enterprise data center services in efficient form factors. The Thunder ADC product line of high-performance, next-generation application delivery controller is built on A10's ACOS platform with their Symmetric Scalable Multi-Core Processing (SSMP) software architecture to deliver high performance and a range of deployment options for dedicated, hosted or cloud data centers. The platform provides a set of application and security services to support open and standards-based programmability which allows integration of custom and off-the-shelf services with Thunder ADC.

We provide products that help organizations accelerate, optimize, and secure their applications

It also offers a built-in ICSA-certified Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect business applications and data.

AX Series line of hardware ADC appliances fits all size networks with entry-level models starting at 7.5 to 115 Gbps high-performance appliance. It enables organizations’ web and key infrastructure servers to scale to ensure application availability. The AX ADC reduces infrastructure requirements for both application delivery and critical services by providing responsive services. Protecting against advanced and emerging attacks AX ADC gives security services for uninterrupted operations, brand protection, and revenue loss compliance and risk reduction. It also includes DDoS protection features with FPGA FTA-based models to protect from high volume attacks against application servers.

In one instance, one of A10 Network’s clients, Box—an online file sharing and content management service for businesses—was in need of predictable scalability, reliability, and high throughput to manage their production environment’s high volume of application connections. Box adopted Thunder ADC product line of ADCs that provided efficient hardware and virtual form factors and ensured efficient use of data center resources. “Thunder ADC and AX Series ADCs enhanced the service availability and efficiency of the data center,” says Stefan Apitz, SVP of Operations, Box.

As a provider of application networking solutions, the company’s focus is on customer driven innovation as they strive to provide the industry’s user and support experience for enterprises, service providers and web properties of all sizes. The company is looking forward to ongoing and successful relationships with their customers to develop next-generation technology that enables the creation of enterprise data center at a broader level. With cloud computing and virtualization, A10 aims to continue their tradition of providing scalable, flexible, and disruptive innovations to the ADC market.